The Vintage Bazaar

This is so late in posting, since the show was almost three weeks ago! Eeek! We had a great time and the weather, although a bit wet on Saturday night, turned into just the right amount of heat and sunshine. And the crowd was fantastic — we met some great knitters and sew-ers (seamstresses? sewists?) from all over!

Here are a few shots from the booth:


These are all the carded buttons that we had, I just love seeing their bright colors and fun packaging.


Here is a shot of the full booth! I had found some great vintage curtains and they were the perfect thing to spruce up those boring white walls! Also you can see my (painstakingly!) handmade banner, finished at midnight the night before. Whether or not I work well under pressure is still to be determined 😉



One of my favorite shots! Like the buttons, the colors of these vintage knitting needles is so happy!


More notions and trim. Although I realize now, this is not a great photo and is not nearly as full as it was at the beginning of the show. This was taken towards the end of the last day, so I kept having to refresh the display after each sale to keep things looking fun. Great for sales, kind of sad for photos.

We had a great time, and I will say that everyone who was responsible for running the show did a fantastic job. The food, the quality of vendors and space just looked fantastic. I wish I had actually gotten more pictures of the event itself, but it was pretty busy and I didn’t get a chance. I guess that is that way it should be, right?!? Can’t wait for the June show!!

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