Frukttradgard in Road to China Light


I love hats. I love to knit them. I love to wear them. Oh, wait, that is not entirely true. To be clear, I love winter hats. Knitted winter hats. As much as I wish I could pull off an actual hat, that is not the case. My best friend, who is a “hat person”, can do it. I am, happily, a “winter hat person”. Lucky for me living in New Hampshire provides plenty of time in which a winter hat is a necessity.

Let’s talk about this yarn and this hat. It is a long tale which began while I was researching yarn lines for the shop a few years back. While visiting Loopy Yarns, now Yarnify, in Chicago I found The Fibre Company’s “Road to China Light.” What a soft blend of baby alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere! It was love at first touch and I knew I had to knit with it. So I immediately purchased two skeins in the Grey Pearl color way. And then…um… a year later…which was a year ago… I started this hat. See? Long tale.


I found the pattern, Frukttradgard, on the Kelbourne Woolens website and started knitting on a plane ride to Denver last January. Between the ride there and back, I had the hat almost completed. Then, of course, it sat with the final two rows (literally 12 stitches) for another ten months until winter hit and I couldn’t find my other winter hat. Necessity, I tell you, is a real motivator.

The pattern was great for long stretches of knitting. It was engaging enough to be fun, but not so complicated that I needed to closely monitor what I was doing at all times.

I am usually a strong proponent of blocking, but you might be able to notice that this hat was not blocked. I had every intention of blocking it, but wore it first because I was impatient to get it on my head. Then I realized that I liked the casual look of the hat. It has a very laid-back softness to it. I might eventually block it. Maybe. Maybe not.


All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

The yarn, now for sale in the shop, is heavenly. As I said before it is amazingly soft to the touch, a real pleasure to work with. The color of this 3-ply yarn, because of the way it is spun and dyed, has a beautiful and subtle heathered quality to it. Also, the color range is simply stunning. I want to knit with it all the time–and I just might.

So, readers, have you made anything with Road to China Light before? What did you think? Also, are you a hat person? Winter hat person? So many questions!! Do tell!

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