Camden Cape in Silk and Tweed


It is supposed to be spring around here. It snowed yesterday. Not so much springlike, but that does mean that the weather is perfect for a nice wool cape!

I instantly fell in love with the Camden Cape as soon as I saw it in the October Seamwork Magazine. If you aren’t familiar with Seamwork it is a monthly online magazine dedicated to sewing.  Every month there are two new patterns released and with subscription you get two credits for pattern downloads, whether it be for the current release or one from a few issues ago.


Back to me falling in love. I had a choice of a couple wools in the shop, but after much waffling (MUCH waffling) I chose a grey and white wool tweed with gold sparkly thread running through it for the cape and then a bright fun silk floral for the lining. As of right now, I still have yardage of each 🙂


We held a Seamwork Saturday at the shop (as we do every month) and I set out with a few fellow adventures to conquer the Camden. I chose to sew up the XS, which was the size that my measurements fell in. This is perfect for fall and spring, when I am not wearing anything bulky. I might make another for colder months and go up a size to accommodate bulkier clothing underneath. I also didn’t choose to put in the welt pockets, but I think I will in my next one.


All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

Now, I love Colette Patterns and I love Seamwork, please don’t get me wrong. Having said that, the “3 Hours” time limit set on this pattern was pretty unrealistic for our group. We had our patterns traced and fabric cut before class and at the end of the fourth hour, we were nowhere near finishing. The pattern itself isn’t difficult (although there are a few areas that might be a bit head-scratching) but all-in-all, it is drafted well and pretty amazing when finished. I will admit that since I was using wool, I used my clapper, which probably added more time than maybe using something that I could have pressed faster. So maybe it can be done. Regardless, I give two thumbs up to the pattern!

Have you made the Camden or another Seamwork pattern? What are your thoughts? Is it spring where you are yet?!?!

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