Oatmeal Pullover In Brindle


What is more exciting than knitting something quickly? Knitting a sweater quickly! That’s what! I was looking for something quick and easy to satisfy my hunger for knitting a sweater but did not want to spend months and months trying to finish it. I stumbled upon Jane Richmond’s pattern, the Oatmeal Pullover, on Ravelry and knew that this would be just the thing. I thought that pairing this simple pattern with the soft and supple Cascade 128 Superwash, could have the potential of being my favorite knit of the year.

And it was! Hands down this was my favorite knit of the year.


It was super easy to knit. With rows and rows of stockinette, it was the sort of perfect mindless knitting for binge watching Netflix. The raglan sleeves are held on with scrap yarn while you work the body and then you finish up with 3/4 length sleeves. It was done before I knew it!


The yarn called for in the pattern is a bit bigger than the Cascade, so I made a gauge. Actually, that is not entirely how it went down. FIRST I cast on and started knitting and then realized that my gauge was way off. Way off. I got almost to the end of the raglan increases and decided that unless I was going to give the sweater to my ten year old niece, I should start over. I do teach all my students to make a gauge. Sooooo, not wanting to be part of the do what I say not what I do school, I ended up taking my gauge from the work in progress and matched my measurement from the stitch-count to one of the larger sizes. I ripped it all out and started over. As I was knitting I did adjust the length of the body because I am short. This is a great reason to knit top-down since you can try it on as you go. In the end, it all worked out perfectly.

I knitted the entire sweater in only three skeins, but just barely. I was sweating bullets as I finished the ribbing on the sleeves, hoping that I had enough to finish both sleeves so that they would be the same length. Thankfully they are! Phew.


All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

Both the pattern and the yarn can be found here at the shop. If you feel like you need to knit something quick, but don’t feel like knitting yet another hat or scarf, this is the combination for you!

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