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Row By Row 2016!

The first week of Row by Row is already gone! If you haven’t stopped in the shop and checked out our row, here is a shot of our fabulous row, created for us by Caitlin Topham of Salty Oat. The theme this year is Home Sweet Home:

Row by Row Block

Not familiar with the Row by Row Experience? Basically, it is a nation-wide (actually, continent-wide; cheers to our northern neighbors!) shop hop where you get one free pattern when you visit a shop. Plus, each shop has a prize for the first fully complete quilt (quilted, bound and labeled) brought to the store—plus a little bonus if you include the store’s row in the quilt. What could be better for summertime fun!?!?

We have kits ready and available as well as a limited number of license plates. So if you are stopping by and want one of our “Gather + Stitch” plates, don’t hesitate!

Want to read about the process on how our row was created? Check out Caitlin’s post here on her blog!


Casted Loops Laurel Dress

Laurel Dress from Colette Made from AGF Denim by Pintuck & Purl

I have been following Colette Patterns since 2010, when they were still a new company on the sewing scene. They were the first indie sewing pattern company that I had ever seen and I was entranced. Their designs, their instructions, and just their freshness rang loud and clear in the confusing sea of the bigger pattern companies with their poor directions, diagrams, and styling. Colette was the first company to create a sample that was love at first sight. I wanted it bad, even though I didn’t look like their fit model. I am not a natural C-cup, and I am the smallest range on their scale in the bust and waist, but with larger hips (let’s hear it for my fellow pear-shaped girls!).  But I knew that with a little bit of work, I could make the pattern perfect for me.

We are all shaped differently, which is a good thing. With so much variety, pattern companies can’t possibly create one pattern that will fit every body shape with no adjustments.  What this means in your sewing is that most likely you will have to change a pattern or blend between sizes, no matter who the company is that drafts it. There are those people out there that magically fit a pattern right out of the envelope, but I think that is pretty rare. The best part about sewing is getting to know your own body and how to shape the things you love to it, so you can get a custom fit that ready-to-wear clothing can’t provide. Does that mean you can make everything work for you? Yes and no. There are limitations. We can work magic on a lot of patterns, but sometimes there are styles and shapes that, no matter how much we love them, just don’t work for either our body or our lifestyle.  Learning that takes experience and practice.

This was a very long-winded way to introduce my newest make, the Laurel dress from Colette. How classic is a basic shift dress?  Very!  Because of its classic shape, this pattern has become a tried and true pattern for me.  For this version I chose to work with the new Art Gallery Denim Collection in the print called Casted Loops.

Laurel Dress from Pintuck & Purl

When I first heard AGF was releasing denim I was so excited.

So. Excited.

I had dreams of AGF jeans. When I finally got my hands on it, it was not what I originally expected. The hand is softer and more fluid.  I personally don’t think you could make a proper pair of jeans from this. At least not traditional jeans. However this fabric has great range beyond traditional jeans. Bags, shirts, dresses, quilts…you name it and it can most likely be done.


To prepare my fabric to become a Laurel dress, I pre-washed it on delicate and tumbled dry.  There was not much, if any, shrinkage. The one thing I will say is that you might need to work a little harder to get the fabric to lay on grain for cutting, depending on which pattern/finish you choose. If I had thought about it, I would have pulled it from the dryer while still slightly damp and pressed it into shape, aligning the straight grain. In spite of that little bit of extra prep-work, I love the fabric and it was a dream to sew on.


As I mentioned above, I did have to make a few pattern adjustments and made a muslin of the dress in order to fine tune the fit. Since I sewed up this dress when it was first released, I knew I needed to go down a size from my original. I traced a size 0 for the dress and did a small bust adjustment of just a half inch. I also noticed there was a lot of ease in the waist and the lower half of the dress, a bit more than I wanted. I ended up removing about an inch from the side seams from waist to hem. I also added two inches to the length, as my first Laurel was a bit on the short side. Now that I have worn the dress multiple times, as in any sewing journey, I’ve found what I love and what I want to tweak for my next version (which already has fabric earmarked!).


All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

If you haven’t made the leap into dressmaking yet, this pattern is a great one to begin with. It will teach you how to set a sleeve, work with bias binding and master foundational garment-making skills. Because the front and back are full pieces, it’s also ideal for really large scale prints (for all you print-lovers out there!). Too intimidated to try it on your own? Check our schedule. This is one of our beginning garment classes!  We’d love to help you make your fashion dreams a reality.

Master Class with Lauren of Lladybird!

Master Class with Lauren Taylor

We are so excited to announce a new class here at Pintuck & Purl – our Master Class series. In this new series we will bring in special guest instructors who are sewing experts in garment, quilting or knitting fields. As those of you who have taken classes here at the shop know already – there is so much to be gained from a hands-on in-person class. Someone else might have a similar struggle as you and you can learn together, someone else might have one of those little tips to share that you never thought of. So this expert level class will be the ultimate in-person experience. Just imagine getting full access to these extremely talented people and their wealth of knowledge. These classes will include more exciting perks as well…

To kick this series off, we are beyond excited to welcome Lauren Taylor of Lladybird (I am a total fangirl!) to Pintuck & Purl this October 5-11th. If you are not familiar with Lauren, you can check out her blog, Here you can view the astounding range of garments that she has crafted over the years. Her areas of expertise are garment making, fitting, drafting and construction techniques. This knowledge is bundled all together with a fun, bright personality. She has done numerous workshops around the country and we are so excited to bring her here as our inaugural instructor for the Master Class series!

Will this be normal class? No way! To make this series extra-extra special we will be closing down the retail portion of the shop so we will have the whole space to ourselves. The class fee also includes a welcome party, lunches, local excursions, signature drinks and a swanky dinner out on Saturday night. And oh will there be sewing. Lots and lots of sewing! We will have all the machines set up – or you can bring your own – and any tools needed will be at your disposal.

What will we sew? That’s up to you! After you register for the class, you can pick the project that you want to work on, and then will email Lauren a week or so before the class to let her know what you decided. Then we will get a jump start on the projects if needed (making muslins, getting initial questions answered, etc.). Is that Archer calling to you but you fear its plackets and collars? Or do you want help tweaking the fit of your favorite pattern to create your very own Tried & True pattern? Or maybe you need some hands-on help with that pesky coat pattern? Then this is the weekend for you! It is the best kind of choose-your-own-adventure sewing class that you could ever dream up!

Dates: October 5th – 9th
Limited to 10 Spaces
Price: $600
Registration Deadline: September 4th

How do I sign up? We are working on online class registration, but it isn’t quite ready yet. In the meantime, you can either call the shop, or swing by if you are in the area!

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