National Sewing Month: Favorite Tool, Round 2!

National Sewing Month: Round 2

If you are just tuning in today for the first time this week, we are celebrating September being National Sewing Month! We thought a great way to do that was to spend the month talking about sewing! In this first week, we are talking about the tool you reach for the most when knee deep in a project. If you missed the first installment on Monday, you can check it out here.

Pull up a chair and let’s dive right in!

Meg, Colette Patterns, Communications Manager: My favorite tool is my walking foot. I actually keep it on my machine most of the time, especially for knit projects or matching stripes!

Heather, Closet Case Files: I could not live without Kai scissors, a rotary cutter, magnetic pincushion and Clover chaco liners.

Mary, See Mary Quilt: I have a thing for pins.  I love all different kinds for all different purposes.  I use the Clover flower head pins for my long arm quilting because they’re super strong and won’t bend when I tension the quilt.  I love their fine glass head pins for clothing making and patchwork because they’re sharp and thin and go into the fabric quickly.  And I’ve just discovered tiny applique pins!  They really do make hand sewing so much easier because you don’t stab yourself or get your thread stuck around the pins.  And I always have the pins I’m using in a magnetic bowl.

Kim, Late Night Stitchery: My favorite tools are my seam rippers and my iron.  These are both such basic tools and that probably sounds funny, but both are things that I use a lot.  I love my iron.  I find ironing very relaxing and find it so important when sewing to have a good iron.

Allie, AllieJ: My machines! As a Bernina Ambassador, I have a Bernina 350 on loan this year, but I also have a 153 that I found practically unused at a Junior League Bargain Sale for $50, basically the deal of the century. I’ve loved exploring what my Berninas can do–it’s a lot! I just got a serger this year, and I think that has really improved my sewing, since it makes it so, so easy to achieve a neat finish on the inside. Finally, I have my first love, a Singer 7430 that I got as a present and got me started sewing: I made my first vintage dresses on that machine… and a lot of costumes for sorority parties!!

Autumn, Colette Patterns, Sample seamstress: The ubiquitous rotary cutter and scary looking surgical seam ripper.

Morgan, Thread Theory: My favorite tools are my industrial sewing machine and my wooden magnetic needle minders.  I love my industrial sewing machine because it can sew through delicate chiffon or heavy denim without any adjustments or maintenance!  It creates a perfect straight stitch no matter the circumstance.  I love my wooden ‘pin cushions’ because they were lathe turned by a local woodworker on Vancouver Island.  They are very handy to use because they are embedded with strong earth magnets – I don’t even need to pause my sewing to put away a pin, I just place it onto the wooden disk and the magnet catches it.  It is much more efficient than placing a pin into a cushion.  Also, they are crafted out of sustainable woods that are just so beautiful!

Another great round of answers! Thanks to everyone who participated today! And, please sign me up for one of those pin cushions from Vancouver. 😉 Remember this same group will be back next week to give answers to another exciting question.

We also have another round of bonus questions from two of our participants today:

What is your favortite thing you have ever sewn?

I think my favorite make is a tie between my in-progress La Passacaglia (still a fave after over a year of piecing and at least another year to go) and my latest Washi dress made with Rifle Paper Co. rayon (comfy, dressy, and fits like a glove). (Mary, See Mary Quilt)

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you started sewing?

Don’t sew with cheap, artificial fabric.   Sewing is such a tactile pleasure, and working with beautiful fabrics gets you excited about what you’re making and guarantees that you will either wear what you’ve made or refashion it into something else if it doesn’t work out. Life is too short for polyester! (Heather, Closet Case Files)

We couldn’t agree more, Heather! 🙂

We have our final installment for this question coming on Friday with responses from Sarai of Colette Patterns, Christine Haynes from Christine Haynes Patterns, Kali from Kali Zirkle Quilts, Sandi of Crafty Planner, Lisa from Pattern and Branch, Peter from Male Pattern Boldness, and Karin from Leigh Laurel Studios! See you then!


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