National Sewing Month: Favorite Tool, Round 3!


Today is the final round of our first question in our celebration of National Sewing Month! To play a little catch-up, we asked a group of sewing bloggers and designers what their favorite tools were. If you missed the other installments you can read them here and here. Today we get the final batch of answers. Get your pencils ready to take notes! 🙂

Sarai, Colette Patterns, CEO/Founder: Other than the obvious ones like my machine and iron, I just love my clapper. I think everyone should have one, especially if you sew with wool or bulky fabrics.

Kali, Kali Zirkle Quilts: My Hera marker is essential. It allows me to imprint a subtle guiding line for quilting, and when garment sewing I will use it to set a small crease to fold up hems more neatly.

Sandi, Crafty Planner: I recently bought Kai scissors and fell in love! They are light and cut like butter. Aside from scissors, my next favorite tool is my friend Jack… Jack the Seam Ripper! He is a gorgeous purple hand-turned seam ripper. We spend lots of quality time together.

Lisa, Pattern & Branch, Pintuck & Purl Social Media Coordinator: Obviously I love my sewing machines (I have an Elna 3005 and a Singer Featherweight), but besides that, I think my current favorites are my rotary cutter and self-healing mat, my leather thimbles for hand sewing, and my Zirkel magnetic pin cushion.  I love how it arranges all my pins in a circle. 🙂

Peter Lappin, Male Pattern Boldness: I love all my vintage sewing machines (I own about a dozen, maybe a few more).  I’m fondest of straight-stitch machines like the vintage black Singers of the 1940’s and ’50’s (and earlier).  They’re easy to maintain and, if something goes wrong, easy to repair.  I also like working with a Bernina 930 zigzagger that’s about 30 years old — a true workhorse.  I’m also a big fan of vintage buttonhole attachments.  They make terrific buttonholes, are very reliable, and low-tech.  They’re also easy to find on sites like eBay, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Christine Haynes, Christine Haynes Patterns: My favorite tool is and will always be my seam gauge. Very overlooked but important tool to make sure all those little bits are measured and sewn accurately!

Karin, Leigh Laurel Studios: My go-to tools are my seam ripper, freezer paper (for sewing circles and certain curves) and my collection of needles (from sashiko to milliners).

Well, if you weren’t sure what to arm yourself with if you’re new to sewing, I think you’ve got some great ideas here! For those who have been sewing quite a while, I hope there were some new-to-you tools or just the pride of being able to say that your own arsenal of tools is well stocked. 🙂

For your reading pleasure, we have two more answers from the bonus questions from today’s group:

What is your favortite thing you have ever sewn?

Kali, Kali Zirkle Quilts: My  favorite thing I’ve ever sewn is a Simplicity 2444 dress out of quilting cotton. The fabric caught my eye and it all came together perfectly!

What advice do you wish someone had given you before you started sewing?
Sandi, Crafty Planner: SLOW DOWN! In the beginning, I tended to sew fast and somewhat sloppy. I was so eager to learn the new technique, make the project, etc. that I didn’t take the time to really absorb what I was learning. Now I try to be much more patient and admire the intricacies of the journey.

Thanks for a great first week to all our participants! We hoped you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned next week for question #2! Happy sewing!!


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