National Sewing Month: Question #2

National Sewing Month Survey

Welcome back to our month-long celebration of National Sewing Month! If you are just tuning in this week, we asked a star-studded line-up of designers and bloggers to answer a few questions that we thought would be fun for everyone to read. We heard last week about everyone’s favorite tool (if you missed it, you can read last week’s here, here and here) and this week we have another question that lingers around the shop. Was there a moment that you realized or felt that you were no longer a beginner? Was it a technique, a particular project or fabric? Here are the answers from our fantastic Monday group:

At what point do you think you graduated from the realm of a beginner sewer?

Jen, Grainline Studios: I leveled up when I was in undergrad (for the second time) at Columbia in one of my garment construction classes. That’s right I have two BFA’s! One in Photography and one in Fashion.

Lauren Taylor, When you stop calling yourself a beginner. 🙂

Wallis, Colette Patterns, Pattern Maker: Sometimes I’m not sure I have! When I finally started sewing clothing that was nice enough that people asked, “Where did you get that?” rather than, “Did you make that?”

Guiseppe, @guicy_guice: Sometimes I still feel like I’m a beginner! But I think the first time I felt like things had shifted was when I was asked by Andover Fabrics to make something for their booth at Quilt Market and it got picked up to be a pattern in a magazine. That was pretty exciting.

Haley, Colette Patterns, Editor-in-Chief: At first, sewing did not come naturally to me. It was definitely an uphill battle. After about a year of sewing daily, I drafted and stitched a pair of peg-legged trousers. It wasn’t even until about a week later that I realized there had been no dramatic moments. I finally felt confident in my ability to bring something from idea to pattern to garment without any major meltdowns.

Kim, CraftyNHMom:  When I stopped looking for only “easy” or “beginner” patterns. I remember when even those used to boggle my mind!

Very insightful! I think that when you are a beginner, sometimes it’s hard to feel like you will be anything else. It is always great to hear how someone else made their sewing journey. Do you still consider yourself a beginner? Or have you made the leap?

We have one bonus answer today from Lauren Taylor, of Lladybird. If you haven’t seen her blog, you should definitely check it out. All sorts of garment inspiration there! Her words of wisdom, I think, can be applied to many crafts. Listen up and take heed—you will save yourself lots of wasted time if you do! 🙂

What advice do you wish someone had said to you before you started sewing?

  • Lauren Taylor, The instructions are there for a reason. Don’t think that you know more than the person who wrote the pattern. Also, seam allowance is a real thing and it is NOT the width of your presser foot. (Being self-taught before the age of sewing blogs, I started out with a MASS load of beginner confidence, but I also had no idea what I was doing for a very long time (hahaha).

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