National Sewing Month: Question #4 Round 2

National Sewing Month with Pintuck & Purl

Round two! Ding! Ding! Are you ready to hear what today’s panel has to say? (If you missed Monday’s post you can check it out here.) Are they ready to rumble with the likes of silks, velvets or bound buttonholes? Or do they need a bit more time training for that big project? Let’s find out!

Is there any technique/fabric/type of project that still terrifies you?

Kim, Late Night Stitchery: Nothing really terrifies me in the sewing world anymore!  I like a challenge.  I am trying to get into quilting, but sometimes the thought of making a large quilt overwhelms me.  I guess that is because most of the garments I make can be sewn in a day or two.  I have two young children and so my sewing time is limited.  I like to make something and have that item done somewhat quickly.  That’s one of my favorite things about garment sewing; you make it and wear it in a short amount of time.  I have started working on a quilt and it involves lots of scraps so it is going to take time.  (Perhaps if I picked an easy quilt that would be better?   See answer to question 3.  I like a challenge, haha.)

Allie, AllieJ: I have been amping myself up to make a tailored blazer for basically a whole year now. I want to do it right, with hand padstitching and everything, which is something I’ve never done even a little bit of. I hope to actually get down to it this year. Wish me luck! Also, any time you have to cut into a nearly-completed garment, like for a welt pocket, always gives me pause.

Autumn, Colette Patterns, Sample Seamstress: I wouldn’t say terrified but I definitely have much to learn about couture techniques.

Morgan, Thread Theory: Up until just a few weeks ago, draping on a dress form rather intimidated me!  I had done it once in school for a very simple project but had never practiced again and instead relied entirely on paper and computer-based pattern drafting.  My husband’s cousin asked me to sew a wedding dress from chiffon that features a gathered draped bodice.  I’ve been putting it off for months now because I couldn’t find any resources on draping the bodice style online or at the library.  I finally dove in though and had so much fun making it up as I went.  I have no idea if I did things the ‘correct’ way but I am so pleased with how the bodice is turning out!

Heather, Closet Case Files: I refuse to be terrified by sewing. Sewing is my retreat from the things in the world that are really scary, so I try to approach each new challenge with curiosity and openness. That said, I’m not exactly champing at the bit to make a couture chiffon gown, but I’d be super excited to have the time and space to do so.

Mary, See Mary Quilt: I don’t know if I’d say a project terrifies me, but I do know things I should avoid. Like complex garments that take more than a day to make, I know I’ll probably not like it enough to be worth that amount of work.  I’ll still do it, but there will be a lot of grumbling.

Meg, Colette Patterns, Communications Manager: I’m still not a fan of collars.

I agree with Heather, a chiffon gown is nowhere on my radar at this point, but maybe someday. Well, folks there you have it! Thanks again to our panel for this week and for participating the whole month. We hope you have enjoyed their time here as well. Did you relate with anyone’s fears today? Or do you have your own? Let us know in the comments!

We have another set of bonus questions as we come closer to the end of this series. Today we hear from Allie who has a fabulous blog. If you haven’t checked it out, now is the time to do so. She shines in vintage patterns and her taste is impeccable. She is one of those bloggers that makes me want to dig through my vintage stash and see what gems I have in there. Her favorite make is a knock-out–and her wedding dress to boot. Simply stunning.

AllieJ National Sewing Month

What is your favorite thing you have ever made?

Allie, AllieJ: I usually think whatever I’ve made most recently is the best thing I’ve ever made, because my skills are improving all the time. But some of my favorites are my recent seersucker raglan-sleeved dress, my black Wednesday Addams dress and of course, my wedding dress! All three were made from patterns from the 1960s and totally reflect my modern-meets-vintage, slightly preppy aesthetic, which I like to call “Modern Mid-century” style as a play on the term “Mid-century Modern.”

Thanks again for reading! We have one more post to celebrate National Sewing Month. Can you believe it?!?! We also have a fun giveaway for all of our readers tomorrow (Thursday!) on Instagram and Facebook, so keep an eye on our little corner there. Happy sewing!!

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