National Sewing Month: Question #4!

National Sewing Month with Pintuck & Purl

We did it! We made to the last week of our celebration of National Sewing Month! I feel like we’ve learned a lot these past few weeks about tools, techniques and ways to improve your sewing. This final question was a fun one to read the answers to. Maybe  you are fearless when it comes to sewing (and some of our guests clearly are!) but maybe there is that one type of fabric or technique that still gets your palms a little sweaty? We asked our awesome guests if there were any areas of fear for them. Read on to see what they had to say!

Is there any technique/fabric/type of project that still terrifies you?

Jen, Grainline Studios: There isn’t actually anything! I am confident that I can handle anything as long as I take it one step at a time.

Giuseppe, @giucy_giuce: I am so intimidated by improv sewing, which is funny, because that’s actually the first type of piecing I delved into. I find it to be so inspiring, but whenever I try to just sit down and just play with the fabrics, I always hit a wall!

Lauren Taylor, Naw, I feel like I can handle pretty much anything! Although, I am currently learning how to quilt and it has been quite a learning curve 😉

Kim, CraftyNHMom: Yes! I won’t even consider touching a bridal gown. Maybe someday, but I like sewing to be fun–not stressful! 😉

Wallis, Colette Patterns, Pattern Maker: I still am not confident enough to sew with silk or chiffon; they’re so delicate that every time I try I end up tearing apart the fabric!

Haley, Colette Patterns, Editor-in-Chief: Oh man, that would have to be velvet. The first time I sewed velvet I chose the most gorgeous and trickiest silk velvet imaginable to make nothing other than a blazer. Thinking about hand setting those slippery sleeves makes my chest tight. I now prefer to stick with simple lines when sewing with slippery pile fabrics like velvet. It makes a huge difference, and won’t cause you to ruin your mascara.

I have my eye on some silk velvet right now. I will have to take Haley’s advice and choose my project carefully. Whether you are in the “I can do anything camp” or “I am not ready for project x”, know that you are in good company either way!

Now, I saved two of my favorites of the bonus questions for today. Both of these sewers are extremely talented even though their work is very different. Lauren Taylor, as you know, is big into garments and Giuseppe is a phenomenal quilter. We asked them what their favorite thing is that they have ever sewn. I imagine having to pick a favorite creation if you were one of them might be difficult, but the common theme is that both of these projects make them happy. People, that is what sewing is all about. Let’s check them out:


Lauren Taylor, This changes constantly because pretty much everything I finish is my new favorite, but one that comes to mind is my 1940s bird print wrap dress. I made this 3 years ago, and it still makes me so so so happy. I love the fabric + print (Marc Jacobs silk georgette!), I love the soft gathers and pleats, I love the wrap – I love everything about it! I don’t wear it nearly as much as I would like since it’s pretty fancy, but it’s my go-to dress for anything that requires dressing up (weddings, nice dates, the Symphony with my BFF, etc). It always gets lots of compliments every time I wear it. And bonus – I have actually seen the real Marc Jacobs dress that was made with this fabric (I stood behind someone wearing it while in line at the library) and I can confidently say that mine looks way better 😉 HAHA.


Giuseppe, @giucy_giuce: Hands down, no question, my Sew Demented Sew Together Bag. I use it every single day and every time I see it, it brings me joy!

I want to say a huge thank you to today’s group! We will be saying goodbye to them after today, but we hope you enjoyed their answers and had some fun! Stay tuned for our next group’s answers Wednesday!

And…keep an eye on our Instagram account for a little hint about something fun coming at the end of the month!

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