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From Norway With Love Hat

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

As I post this, the weather is slowly starting to warm up. I don’t know if we are actually seeing the end of winter around here. If I remember correctly, this is the time of year that we all start thinking it is going to get warm because of one or two warm-ish days, but this is just silly. We live in New England—it will snow again. And when it does, my head will be toasty warm with this new shop sample that Jenny knitted up!

We really wanted to have something on the shop floor that was fun, bright and cheery and this fit the bill! The pattern is called From Norway with Love, and it’s by Anna & Heidi Pickles.  If you haven’t seen their line of patterns, they are super cute. But out of all the hats, how could we pass up this adorable multi-color, heart-laden beauty?!?!?!


The hat was knit using Cascade 220’s fingering weight yarn. This yarn is 100% wool which is easy to knit, and there are a wide range of colors. The most difficult part of the pattern process was trying to decide on colors for the actual hat! We went with a bright and colorful palette on a neutral background. We also chose to hold the yarn double since the pattern called for a dk weight and this put Jenny right on gauge. The price point on these skeins is very reasonable at five dollars per skein.

Our version of this hat is extremely warm, perfect for those days of shoveling mountains of snow. With the yarn held double, plus the floats inside from the colorwork, this hat will keep your head toasty warm.

At first touch, it seems like this yarn would be itchy to wear, but I haven’t had a problem with it while I have been wearing it. Those that are more sensitive might want to do a sensitivity test (I usually rub it on the inside of my wrist) to see if it will work for them. If you feel it might be too much, you could also knit this in Swans Island Ecowash merino wool, which would be super soft. Even though you could knit this out of anything, I love the natural breathable qualities of wool. Wool for the win!

This is the perfect project for those last days of winter or for those who like to plan ahead.  Have you made this pattern or tried Cascade 220?  Tell us all about it!


Class Focus: Capsule Club

In just under a month, we will see the arrival of one our newest classes and formats for the shop, the Capsule Club. This class is based around building a capsule wardrobe. Never heard of a capsule wardrobe? No worries! A capsule wardrobe means creating a compact collection of staple pieces in a coordinating color scheme. This way they are able to be mixed and matched throughout the seasons. Fun, right? We are combining that with the fantastic line of Bernina sergers to get you out of your sewing rut and learning new techniques! ‘Do I need a serger?’ is a question we hear frequently at the shop, so if you aren’t sure if one is for you, this is the best way to find out!

In this class we will focus on making four pieces each quarter. That is the goal, but if you want to only make one per season, that’s fine too! We will have four suggested patterns for each season, but we will also have some other ideas if the ones we have selected don’t fit your aesthetic or lifestyle. This is YOUR wardrobe, remember. There is no point spending time on pieces that will just take up space!

The class will be split up into two parts. Once a quarter we will have a lecture/class night where we will go over the focus for that quarter, watch a webinar made by Capsule Club creator Jaime Hock, and then learn a hands-on technique with our machines. The second part (which is optional) is to come to one of our monthly sewing sessions (or purchase a punch card for use of our Studio at a Capsule Club Member rate). We want this to work with your needs and schedule!

The first focus will be on Summer and the first class/lecture will be on March 16. You can sign up for the class here. This is where you can also sign up for the punch card. If you are interested in attending the monthly sewing sessions those can be found here: MarchApril, and May. You can do one part, or even all three! This a customizable class!

Any other questions? Let us know.  We can’t wait to see you!

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Grainline Lark Tee in Striped Rayon Jersey

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

Have you ever had a pattern turn out so good that after the first time you make it, you want to immediately make it again  with every fabric in your stash? Something that you can whip up in no time and still impress everyone with your talents? It’s kind of like finding your favorite go-to recipe. If you don’t have one, and you’re in the market for a knit top pattern, you should check out Grainline’s Lark Tee. I know, I know, a knit t-shirt isn’t the most exciting thing to sew, but, at least for me, it’s a pretty essential part of my wardrobe. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to continue to support Old Navy and the Gap, with their sub-par fabrics and sometimes strange fit issues by buying my knit tops there. Besides,  once you make one of your own, you realize just how easy it is to fill your closet with them. Trust me, I know.

One of the nicest parts of this pattern is the ability to mix and match. There are four necklines and four sleeve options, so you really can make more than a dozen shirts, each one different from the other. When you factor in the higher cost of indie patterns (although WELL worth it!) it makes this pattern a no-brainer for your collection.

I have made this top a few times already (you will see them slowly being blogged about, but BLOGGED nonetheless!) and love, love, LOVE every version.  This was the first one I did and I did it straight out of the envelope. The length is the only thing I would tweak. That being said, that is super minor in the grand scheme of things. I traced the size 0 for the whole pattern, which normally I would grade out to a 2 at the hips. I like the way it fits (besides the aforementioned length) and wouldn’t change it.

The pattern is drafted well, which is no surprise, and the instructions are well written, with a little hand holding if you are new to knits. Cutting took just a smidgen longer since I was matching stripes. I was able to squeeze this version out of just under a yard of this 60″ wide fabric, and could have even done less if I had shortened the length. So consider before you toss those random knit scraps… you might be able to get the short sleeve version out of it. You will see this put in action in one my upcoming Larks (in LIBERTY KNIT!!).  The shirt is constructed with the sleeve set in flat, and the neckband (used in three of the versions) is put on in the round and either stitched or twin-needled down. I used my regular sewing machine with a walking foot for all of the construction to aid in stripe matching and I think it really made a difference.  I chose to use the twin needle for finishing and the end results look very RTW (ready to wear) and professional. No Home-ecky Becky here!

I used a soft rayon jersey (unfortunately gone from the shop) that is like wearing butter. Well…I mean, it is super soft and comfortable. I am not sure if actually wearing butter would be comfortable, but you know what I mean! The knit you choose (either more drapey or slightly more stable) will determine how the final top looks. Again, I think you could make this top a gazillion times with different fabric/view combinations and still have them look different enough to not necessarily know that you used the same pattern. I think this is a big win!


If you are scared of jumping into the pool of sewing knits and want to wade in slowly from the shallow end, we have a class for the Lark! Check our schedule, sign up and let us guide you into this fantastic stretchy world!

Master Class: Heather Lewenza of Closet Case Files!

We are beyond excited to announce our second Master Class series here at Pintuck & Purl. Did you miss the first one? This series of classes is a special treat where we bring in an instructor that is well versed in one of our creative fields. This time around, we are pleased (actually more like peeing our pants in
excitement!) to host Heather Lewenza of the blog Closet Case Files. Heather has created an independent pattern line (Closet Case Patterns) that focuses on classic wardrobe pieces that will help you achieve your own dream wardrobe.

Heather will be here the last weekend of April to hold our hands as we make the ultimate wardrobe basic, a pair of jeans. Not just any jeans, mind you! You will have the option of making one of  Heather’s two magical jeans patterns:  the Ginger Jeans, made for stretch denim, which you can find gracing the internet far and wide and the Morgans, a newer pattern which touts a button-fly and is made for non-stretch denim. Heather will be here to help fit the pattern to you (which is the biggest hurdle!) and make sure you leave with a new swanky pair of jeans, as well as the knowledge to make more
The shop will be closed for this event! We will have a Meet & Greet reception with Heather on Friday night and then from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday, we will sew our little hearts out. Staff will be at the shop later on Saturday for those who want to continue working.

***Class fee includes Meet & Greet Reception, snacks and lunch provided Saturday + Sunday and optional use of our BERNINA sewing machines and BERNINA sergers!***

Dates: April 28th – 30th
Limited to 8 Spaces
Price: $425 Register Here! (there are still a few early bird registrations available!)