Polka Dot Grainline Scout Tee

Have you ventured into the land of garment making yet? Are you scared? Think it will be too hard? Let me tell you, if you have made enough tote bags or pillowcases to last a lifetime (or are pretty comfortable with your machine), you are ready. Need a pattern to get your feet wet?

Here at the shop we use Grainline’s Scout Tee as one of our intro to garment making classes. The pattern instructions are easy to understand, there are only two big hurdles in the pattern, and it creates a great easy wardrobe staple in a matter of hours. It is one of my personal favorites.

The fit of the Scout is on the boxy side. There are no darts in the shirt for shaping. This is great for a nice drapey fabric, or soft cottons. This does not help if you choose to make your Scout out of something on the stiffer side. Not to say that you can’t use a firm linen, just know going in that the shape of the shirt will be more pronounced. It all depends on the final look of the shirt that you want. If you poke around the internet, you should see examples of all sorts of fabrics. I made this version with fabric from my stash. Since I am surrounded by fabric every day it is really hard to shop my stash, but this cotton and silk blend was a perfect match to the pattern.

I talked about the two big hurdles from the pattern, and I am sure you are curious what those are. The first is setting in sleeves. This is something that is super daunting to people. The trick is to go slow and be really aware of what you are sewing. I have seen many students sew half a beautiful sleeve, to find out that the other side has been sewn to the body. Double check you are only going through two layers.

The second hurdle is the bias binding for the neckline. If you follow the pattern it will be fiddly, annoying, and at some point (most likely in the trimming) you will want to quit, but if you do what she suggests, you will end up with a beautiful binding.  Trust me. Well… trust Jen from Grainline. She knows her necklines!

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

I have had plans to make a few more of this pattern. One is to make it out of a nice wool crepe. Since we are heading into warmer weather, that project has now been moved to the back of the line. I also have plans to redo my current favorite black silk one that sees some heavy rotation. I wear it at least once a week and it is starting to look pretty sad. Hopefully you will see the new one, but the old one, alas, will soon see the bottom of the trash bin. 🙁

Have you sewn the Scout? Does this post make you want to? What would be your ultimate fabric for this pattern? Do tell!

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