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Grainline Lark Tee in Liberty Knit

Remember when I said I had another Lark Tee to show off? Well, here it is! This tee is one of my favorite makes and gets heavy rotation in my wardrobe due the amazing fabric. We were fortunate enough to get a small cut of this Liberty Wiltshire rayon  jersey last year and when we cut the last piece for a customer, a small half to two-thirds of a yard was left. It was pretty small and I was unsure what I was going to use it for, but I was NOT going to let it go to waste. It went into my small (yet ever-growing) pile of hoarded fabric and sat for a few months. I finally decided that I could squeeze a Lark out of it, if I did the cap sleeves. And, so…my shirt was born.

I didn’t do anything different this time around with the pattern, except for using the cap sleeves. As I mentioned last time, I could have (and probably should have) shortened it, but I didn’t. It’s still fine, but next time around I will shorten it. I have my eye on a few knits that we have that will shortly make their way into my stash.

This rayon jersey was a bit slinkier than my last shirt and I did need to exercise a little more care with it during certain steps. It was prone to excessive shifting during the cutting stage, so to combat this, I did not cut the back or front on the fold, but instead opened the fabric out into a single layer and matched up the center front/back. I also had to really play around with my stitch length for the twin needle until I found a look I liked when finishing the neckline and hem. I don’t remember having so much trouble with my last one. It might be possible that since this was Liberty, I was being a bit fussier than normal. Haha!

I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating:  if you are looking for a great introduction to knit sewing patterns and wear t-shirts all the time, this pattern is amazing. Four different necklines plus four sleeves equals endless sewing and wearing enjoyment!

I also want to point out that this post will mark the end of my pink hair. You can probably tell that some of my posts were in a crazy order, since my hair went from brown, to magenta, to pale pink, back to brown with regularity. Those who have visited the store know that I had the pink for quite awhile, but that is all gone now. I loved having it, but the upkeep was a bit much at the end. Our backlog of photos and posts have now been exhausted and we are back to our regularly scheduled hair color. At least for now. 😉

So…have you sewn the Lark yet? Have you ever sewn with Liberty knit? Does your hair match your shirt?? Do tell! 🙂

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography