Backyard Bash with Backyard Fiberworks!

Are you ready for our first Summer Series Event? We are SO EXCITED to be hosting Alice of Backyard Fiberworks on July 13th – 15th. Do we have some fun events planned for you! Since this is our first official Summer Series event we have jammed it full of lots of exciting things! Too many?!?! Never!

Here is an at-a-glance list of the events. Scroll down for further information:




***Included in the VIP weekend pass; choice of dyeing session will be given on a first come first serve basis.

Friday // The weekend-long event will start on Friday, July 13th, at 5:00 pm with a Color-Story Class run by Alice herself. This is will be focusing on the Camaro sweater and Alice will be winding custom mini skeins for what will be your-new-favorite-sweater! This will be followed by a trunk show and a 1980’s themed Sip + Stitch (since we are knitting the Camaro–get it?!?!) starting at 6:00 and going until…whenever!

Saturday // Early Saturday morning we will have a trunk show with some local makers with some very special wares! Shannon from Woodsy + Wild will be there, as well as Mary from Birch Dye Works. The doors will open at 9:00 for our special VIP ticket holders, and at 10:00 am for the rest. This special event will end at noon and we will also have an in-store sale during the same limited hours. Get here early (get that VIP early bird special!) to get the great stuff.

After the pop-up shop we have two exciting classes that we are offering! First at 12:30 Shannon from Woodsy + Wild is teaching the Woodsy + Wild Project Bag Class, which is a shop favorite! You will learn how to install a zipper and stitch up your very own bag. Everything you need will be included in the price of the class fee! Then at 3:00 come meet up with Alice from Backyard Fiberworks for the Camaro Companion Class as she goes over some of the techniques you will see in the Camaro sweater to make sure you are successful with this knit! No UFO’s for us! 😉

We are also holding another special event on Saturday. Interested in starting your own creative business but don’t know where to start? Come to this free panel, Women in Creative Business, and find out all the answers to all the questions you don’t know you need to ask. We want to encourage our fellow-creative-women (and men!) to become the entrepreneurs that they want to be. We will have a panel of women in creative businesses, so come and hear their stories. After this panel, we will have a Pizza Party where you can talk and mingle and enjoy being with fellow creatives. There will be an admission fee for the pizza party (unless you are a VIP ticket holder).

Sunday // And finally, what we all have been waiting for! The piece de resistance of this weekend event is our two dyeing sessions with Backyard Fiberworks! Again, if you grabbed one of our limited VIP tickets you have a reserved seat, you get an extra skein of sock yarn to dye up, and lunch with Alice will be included too! You will get three skeins of yarn to dye up in your own special brew. After the first session we will have a Q+A with Alice about dyeing and finish up with the last session. We will then close up our first ever Summer Series with our closing ceremonies and say goodbye to the lovely Alice.

We hope you guys are as excited about this event as we are! We might have a few more tricks up our sleeves, so stay tuned as we get closer!



We’re Moving!

Well, my friends, the day has come that I have feared. We’ve grown out of our space. This is not a horrible problem to have, honestly. It means that we, as a business and a community, are growing. It’s something to celebrate! How will we celebrate that? We will move into a larger space at the end of January. In New England. ::bangs head on table::

We do have to leave our lovely space here on Lincoln Street, as much as it pains me. I know those of you in our quaint little town of Exeter will no longer be within walking distance (myself included!), but let me tell you all the amazing things that we will get! We will move to the cute town of North Hampton, NH, just 12 minutes away from where we are right now. We will be on busy Route One on the way to the beaches with lots of parking. We will also be gaining almost double the space! What does that mean? You know exactly what that means. MORE EVERYTHING! We will be able to keep expanding and growing into our new home and that means more yarn, more fabric, and more machines. The classroom will be bigger, so more classes!! There is chatter about a long arm—but let’s not get crazy with rumors!

The space is…a bit rough right now.

She needs a lot of our creative love. She will get new floors, new paint, and some general crafty sprucing up. We want to make this space as fun and welcoming as we strive to be as a business. Some things will look familiar (if you are part of our Lincoln Street Crew), but we also have some shiny new things up our sleeve. I am in the process of creating a fun window display (wait, did I tell you we will have DISPLAY WINDOWS?!?!? We will. Expect awesome things!) that will tell the neighbors that we are coming.

Speaking of our new neighbors, those are good too! Yes, I know, we will miss Lexi’s, makers of the most amazing burgers and milkshakes. And fries. But we will be next to Philbricks, which is an awesome independent grocery store with delicious food! On the other side, we have one of our famous NH State Liquor stores. I tell you, Sip & Stitch is going to be WAY easier to prep for. We also have a local bookstore, an Italian restaurant that has been there since I was younger, and a JuJitsu studio. Kind of a random mash-up, but it looks like we might have something for everyone. We are down the street from a few beer places (two brewery/restaurants and a great beer retail shop) and an LL Bean outlet store!

When will this all take place? We are planning the big move at the end of January, as I mentioned. If all goes according to plan, then we will be open in the new space on February 1st or 2nd. We are planning to have a fun re-opening party in the first few weeks of February. This will also mean that we will be having some bigger holiday and new year sales to bring down the amount of product we have to move. So, stay tuned for that!

This is all very exciting and very scary. It is a happy and sad time for me. I remember walking into this drafty old barn and thinking, “This is HUGE! How will I ever fill it?!?!” And then, it seemed with just a blink of an eye, it was full. Very full. Full of product, full of customers that are now friends and family, full of support and encouragement, full of creative ideas and inspiration. All these things we will take with us. We will take it and welcome a whole new group of products, ideas, inspiration, and customers that will become friends and family. Am I bit emotional? Yes. I have no doubt that I will shed a few tears at the end, but I think this will be good for all of us. We will take this opportunity and tackle it head on. Let’s do this!


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Give Me Liberty! Club

Liberty of London Tana Lawn is one of my favorite fabrics. It is lovely to touch and lovely to sew with. One of the drawbacks of Liberty is the high price tag of $34/yard, which makes some people hesitate before pulling that trigger. However, once you have sewn with it, I think you’ll find it’s a price that is worth the quality of the goods. We wanted a way to let people dip their toes into the beautiful pool of Liberty fabric, so we created a new club called Give Me Liberty! I mean, obviously I wasn’t going to let this club naming opportunity pass me by. 😉

In this club you will receive a beautifully wrapped bundle of four Liberty fat eighths, which will be a half yard for each bundle. The shipments will go out on the 15th of every other month, starting in December (and then the following months of February, April, June, August, and October). If you sign up for the whole year at once, you will get a discount on each bundle. If you just want to sample a few months, you can sign up for the deliveries of those particular months, but won’t receive the full-year membership benefits. We will also have a few other gifts for the full-year members, including a free quilt pattern at the end of the club that you can use your entire Liberty stash for. That full stash will be THREE YARDS OF LIBERTY, in 24 different prints. These will be perfect for machine piecing or hand work, or use them for fun bits of color in your sewn wardrobe.

Here is the pricing breakdown:

Full-Year Member

$90 for 6-month subscription ($15 per bundle)
+ 6 Bundles of 4 Fat Eights of Liberty of London (24 total=3 yards!)
+ Pintuck & Purl’s “Give Me Liberty! Quilt” Pattern (released in September 2018)
+ Exclusive deals for club members
+ Special member swag

Monthly/Single Month

$17 Bundle Purchase
+ 1 Bundle of 4 Fat Eights of Liberty of London (4 total = 1/2 yard)

So, what are you waiting for?!?! Sign up today over in the online shop!!



Black + White Checkers Pencil Skirt

I have never worked in an office setting before. Ice cream server, historical tour guide, waitress, and wine sales associate, yes. Something where I needed a pencil skirt? Not really. But it wasn’t so much that I never had the right setting for the skirt as that I didn’t have a pencil skirt that fit me, (if you are just joining us, I am as pear-shaped as pear-shaped comes!) and if I am not comfortable, I will not wear something. And I don’t mean pajama comfortable, but style/fit comfortable. I bet you knew that though. 🙂

For years I would dismiss pencil skirts. Even when I first opened the shop I pined after fabric that would have made the perfect skirt and just decided that it was never meant to be. Then, one of my friends/staff introduced me to this pattern. It is from Delia Creates and is called the Pleated Pencil Skirt. She swore up and down that it would fit me, and I finally caved. We ordered a few barkcloths from Gertrude Made, (they are here in the shop!) and I knew that if this was such a magical pattern, I might be able to actually use that gorgeous fabric! The thought was enough to push me over the edge.

If you have been in the shop, or heard me in class, you know I don’t believe in wearable muslins. I believe in muslins made out of muslin. That way I only look at the fit and don’t get caught up with finishing and what-not. I don’t believe in wearable muslins. Except for this one. Hear me out:  this skirt consists of a few pieces—front and back, lining and waistband. I knew that if I made a regular muslin, I would walk around for about one hot minute and deem it either amazing or terrible. I knew I needed a more in-depth analysis of this pattern and I wasn’t about to walk around in a muslin pencil skirt in public. A girl has to have priorities!

So I had to figure out which fabric was going to be my wearable muslin, which was really fun. I thought that the Cotton + Steel Checkers would make a pretty cute skirt. I think I was right. That was the easy part.

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

Actually, it wasn’t difficult to sew at all. The one thing I would change on my third attempt (yes, I have made two so far!) is the pleat. Right now it is all one piece for the back and the pleat is just a fold all the way down the fabric. I traced a size four for the waist and graded out to a 6 at the hips. I also took just a small wedge out of where the skirt and waistband meet to do an on-the-fly sway back adjustment. That was it. The rest was straight from the pattern. And guys, it fit. IT FIT! Like it actually fit my hips and butt! It was astonishing. After wearing it around all day, I was a convert. Actually, as I type out this post I am currently wearing this EXACT outfit! So, it wasn’t just a one-time skirt which, sadly, sometimes happens. This is for real.

So now I want to know–do you wear pencil skirts?  If you do, what is your go-to pattern?  Your favorite pencil skirt fabric?


Magical Mystery Yarn Tour 2017!

We are SUPER excited to announce another round of our mystery yarn club at Pintuck & Purl! It went so well the first time around, and we are hoping that this year will be even bigger and better! The idea behind this club is to give you a chance to knit from six luxury skeins of yarn by way of five gorgeous hand-selected patterns, all knit from September to April (we’ve given you December completely off, because we know that month gets busy!) and all at a huge discount! Along the way there will be gifts and prizes, plus monthly knit nights specifically for club members so we can share our thoughts and tips on the projects we’re all knitting together.

Here’s how it works:

  • We suspect everyone needs a little mystery and intrigue in their lives (and who doesn’t love presents?) so every month starting on September 1st, club members will come to the shop to find a wrapped gift waiting for them. Contained within will be a gorgeous skein of yarn (you can always exchange for a different color within the same line!), a printed pattern, and maybe a little treat just ’cause we love you so much. 🙂
  • We’ve worked hard to find patterns that are both beautiful and will work well with the chosen yarn. We also chose patterns that looked fun to knit, were diverse, and could make a great gift on the off chance that they aren’t to your particular taste. We love them, and we think you will too.
  • We will host a special Friday Knit Night or a Sunday Knit Brunch at (or near) the beginning of each month in the spirit of support and community. 🙂
  • When you come in on the 1st of the next month for your next present, bring your most recent project. Everyone who has completed their project from the previous month will receive a prize!
  • At the end of the 7 month subscription (on or around April 1st), all club members will be entered into a raffle to win a larger prize. There will also be a second raffle for club members who complete all 5 projects by the end of the subscription time frame (if it took you longer than a month for some of them, that’s ok–as long as they are completed by the end of the club, you can be entered into the 2nd raffle).
  • Don’t live close? That’s okay! We can ship your monthly present to you. Just tag us on social media or email us a picture of you with your finished project on or before the day of the next shipment to receive the monthly prize. (Shipping is not included in the club fee.)
  • These projects were chosen to be fun knits for intermediate/advanced knitters and great introductions to different, commonly used skills for advanced beginners–plus there will be lots of support available! If you fall into the advanced beginner category, you will come away from this experience with lots more confidence and greater skill! We will always be here and eager to help if you need anything. The patterns include several different techniques, and will be great to stretch your skills if you’re encountering something for the first time. You can do it!
  • Needles sizes you’ll need: (US) 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2

We are also offering an exclusive discount to members on needles and supplies needed for each project. Come join the fun!

For those who are returning from last year, look for your special treat on the first pick-up date!

Sign up at the shop today! Online sign-ups are here!