Frukttradgard in Road to China Light


I love hats. I love to knit them. I love to wear them. Oh, wait, that is not entirely true. To be clear, I love winter hats. Knitted winter hats. As much as I wish I could pull off an actual hat, that is not the case. My best friend, who is a “hat person”, can do it. I am, happily, a “winter hat person”. Lucky for me living in New Hampshire provides plenty of time in which a winter hat is a necessity.

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Black Wool Emery Dress


You may have stumbled across the many, many, (many!!) versions of Christine’s Haynes Emery Dress online. “Maggie, WHY are there so many?”, you ask. Well, I will tell you—the pattern is brilliant. It is well drafted and the result is one of the most adorable dresses on the planet. On. The. Planet. I am shocked that I haven’t sewn at least twenty more out of my stash fabrics since completing my first.

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Ishbel Scarf


Hooray!  Today we show off the beautiful color and stitch definition of our newest yarn line, Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock Yarn.  And what better way than with the “Ishbel” pattern from Ysolda Teague?  This particular pattern has been made over over 13,000 times (and growing) on Ravelry with good reason. I can happily report that resident sample knitter, Jenny, was instantly smitten with the well-written pattern and the Tough Love sock yarn.

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Maker’s Days 2015


Who doesn’t love to celebrate? I know I do! What about a weeklong celebration of the art of making? Sounds fun, right? What if we threw in some giveaways, fun special events and a Swanky Sip & Stitch? Even better! From Tuesday, September 15th to September 20th, that is what we will be doing. Celebrating. Oh, and we will also be celebrating the fact that we are open. You know, kind of like a Grand Opening, but better!

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See inside the store

Light, bright and happy. These are the words that inspired us when creating our space. Our space is about focusing on the beautiful varied colors of all of our products, which are highlighted by our clean white walls and our mix of vintage and modern furniture. We want to make sure that we keep our space open and inviting, whether you are here for one our great clasess, attending our Sip & Stitch on a Friday evening or test driving one of our machines, we want you to feel welcome, relaxed and ready to create something!

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