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Class Focus: Capsule Club

In just under a month, we will see the arrival of one our newest classes and formats for the shop, the Capsule Club. This class is based around building a capsule wardrobe. Never heard of a capsule wardrobe? No worries! A capsule wardrobe means creating a compact collection of staple pieces in a coordinating color scheme. This way they are able to be mixed and matched throughout the seasons. Fun, right? We are combining that with the fantastic line of Bernina sergers to get you out of your sewing rut and learning new techniques! ‘Do I need a serger?’ is a question we hear frequently at the shop, so if you aren’t sure if one is for you, this is the best way to find out!

In this class we will focus on making four pieces each quarter. That is the goal, but if you want to only make one per season, that’s fine too! We will have four suggested patterns for each season, but we will also have some other ideas if the ones we have selected don’t fit your aesthetic or lifestyle. This is YOUR wardrobe, remember. There is no point spending time on pieces that will just take up space!

The class will be split up into two parts. Once a quarter we will have a lecture/class night where we will go over the focus for that quarter, watch a webinar made by Capsule Club creator Jaime Hock, and then learn a hands-on technique with our machines. The second part (which is optional) is to come to one of our monthly sewing sessions (or purchase a punch card for use of our Studio at a Capsule Club Member rate). We want this to work with your needs and schedule!

The first focus will be on Summer and the first class/lecture will be on March 16. You can sign up for the class here. This is where you can also sign up for the punch card. If you are interested in attending the monthly sewing sessions those can be found here: MarchApril, and May. You can do one part, or even all three! This a customizable class!

Any other questions? Let us know.  We can’t wait to see you!

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Master Class: Heather Lewenza of Closet Case Files!

We are beyond excited to announce our second Master Class series here at Pintuck & Purl. Did you miss the first one? This series of classes is a special treat where we bring in an instructor that is well versed in one of our creative fields. This time around, we are pleased (actually more like peeing our pants in
excitement!) to host Heather Lewenza of the blog Closet Case Files. Heather has created an independent pattern line (Closet Case Patterns) that focuses on classic wardrobe pieces that will help you achieve your own dream wardrobe.

Heather will be here the last weekend of April to hold our hands as we make the ultimate wardrobe basic, a pair of jeans. Not just any jeans, mind you! You will have the option of making one of  Heather’s two magical jeans patterns:  the Ginger Jeans, made for stretch denim, which you can find gracing the internet far and wide and the Morgans, a newer pattern which touts a button-fly and is made for non-stretch denim. Heather will be here to help fit the pattern to you (which is the biggest hurdle!) and make sure you leave with a new swanky pair of jeans, as well as the knowledge to make more
The shop will be closed for this event! We will have a Meet & Greet reception with Heather on Friday night and then from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday, we will sew our little hearts out. Staff will be at the shop later on Saturday for those who want to continue working.

***Class fee includes Meet & Greet Reception, snacks and lunch provided Saturday + Sunday and optional use of our BERNINA sewing machines and BERNINA sergers!***

Dates: April 28th – 30th
Limited to 8 Spaces
Price: $425 Register Here! (there are still a few early bird registrations available!)


New Yarn Club! Yay!!


We are SUPER excited to announce a new mystery yarn club at Pintuck & Purl! The idea behind this club is to give you a chance to sample six of our favorite yarns by way of six gorgeous hand-picked patterns, all knit over the course of 7 months (we’ve given you December off, because we know that month gets busy!) and all at a huge discount! Along the way there will be gifts and prizes, plus monthly knit nights specifically for club members so we can share our thoughts and tips on the projects we’re all knitting together.

Here’s how it works:

  • We suspect everyone needs a little mystery and intrigue in their lives (and who doesn’t love presents?) so every month starting on September 1st, club members will come to the shop to find a wrapped gift waiting for them. Contained within will be a gorgeous skein of yarn (you can always exchange for a different color within the same line!), a printed pattern, and maybe a little treat just ’cause we love you so much. 🙂
  • We’ve worked hard to find patterns that are both beautiful and will work well with the chosen yarn. We also chose patterns that looked fun to knit, were diverse, and could make a great gift on the off chance that they aren’t to your particular taste. We love them, and we think you will too.
  • We will host a special Knit Night at the beginning of each month (or close to) for those knitting the patterns, in the spirit of support and community. 🙂
  • When you come in on the 1st of the next month for your next present, bring your most recent project. Everyone who has completed their project for the previous month will receive a prize!
  • At the end of the 7 month subscription (on or around April 1st), all club members will be entered into a raffle to win a larger prize. There will also be a second raffle for club members who complete all 6 projects by the end of the subscription timeframe (if it took you longer than a month for some of them, that’s ok–as long as they are completed by the end of the club, you can be entered into the 2nd raffle.)
  • Don’t live close? That’s okay! We can ship your monthly present to you. Just tag us on social media or email us a picture of you with your finished project on or before the day of the next shipment to win the monthly prize. (Shipping is not included in the club fee.)
  • These projects were chosen to be fun little knits for intermediate/advanced knitters and great introductions to different, commonly used skills for adventurous beginners–plus there will be lots of support available! If you fall into the adventurous beginner category, you will come away from this experience with lots more confidence and greater skill! We will always be here and eager to help if you need anything. The patterns include several different techniques, and will be great to stretch your skills if you’re encountering something for the first time. You can do it!
  • Needles sizes you’ll need: (US): 1, 2, 2.5, 3, 7, 8, 10.

The entire experience will be just $95, which is over a 20% discount off of all the yarn and patterns! (This works out to $15.83 per project! What!?!?!) We are also offering an exclusive discount to members on needles and supplies needed for each project. Come join the fun!

Sign up at the shop today! Online sign-ups are coming soon here!

Master Class with Lauren of Lladybird!

Master Class with Lauren Taylor

We are so excited to announce a new class here at Pintuck & Purl – our Master Class series. In this new series we will bring in special guest instructors who are sewing experts in garment, quilting or knitting fields. As those of you who have taken classes here at the shop know already – there is so much to be gained from a hands-on in-person class. Someone else might have a similar struggle as you and you can learn together, someone else might have one of those little tips to share that you never thought of. So this expert level class will be the ultimate in-person experience. Just imagine getting full access to these extremely talented people and their wealth of knowledge. These classes will include more exciting perks as well…

To kick this series off, we are beyond excited to welcome Lauren Taylor of Lladybird (I am a total fangirl!) to Pintuck & Purl this October 5-11th. If you are not familiar with Lauren, you can check out her blog, Here you can view the astounding range of garments that she has crafted over the years. Her areas of expertise are garment making, fitting, drafting and construction techniques. This knowledge is bundled all together with a fun, bright personality. She has done numerous workshops around the country and we are so excited to bring her here as our inaugural instructor for the Master Class series!

Will this be normal class? No way! To make this series extra-extra special we will be closing down the retail portion of the shop so we will have the whole space to ourselves. The class fee also includes a welcome party, lunches, local excursions, signature drinks and a swanky dinner out on Saturday night. And oh will there be sewing. Lots and lots of sewing! We will have all the machines set up – or you can bring your own – and any tools needed will be at your disposal.

What will we sew? That’s up to you! After you register for the class, you can pick the project that you want to work on, and then will email Lauren a week or so before the class to let her know what you decided. Then we will get a jump start on the projects if needed (making muslins, getting initial questions answered, etc.). Is that Archer calling to you but you fear its plackets and collars? Or do you want help tweaking the fit of your favorite pattern to create your very own Tried & True pattern? Or maybe you need some hands-on help with that pesky coat pattern? Then this is the weekend for you! It is the best kind of choose-your-own-adventure sewing class that you could ever dream up!

Dates: October 5th – 9th
Limited to 10 Spaces
Price: $600
Registration Deadline: September 4th

How do I sign up? We are working on online class registration, but it isn’t quite ready yet. In the meantime, you can either call the shop, or swing by if you are in the area!

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Maker’s Days 2015


Who doesn’t love to celebrate? I know I do! What about a weeklong celebration of the art of making? Sounds fun, right? What if we threw in some giveaways, fun special events and a Swanky Sip & Stitch? Even better! From Tuesday, September 15th to September 20th, that is what we will be doing. Celebrating. Oh, and we will also be celebrating the fact that we are open. You know, kind of like a Grand Opening, but better!

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