Pintuck & Purl collects certain information from you in order to process and deliver your order. This includes your name, email, and physical address. We do not collect details about your method of payment (we do not see your credit or debit card number) when you pay via credit card (Braintree) or PayPal, aside from the email address associated with your account. We do not sell any information ever.


If you opt into the email newsletter, Pintuck & Purl collects your name and email address and stores it using MailChimp. You can unsubscribe (or update your settings) from the mailing list by clicking the link at the bottom of any of the newsletters.

Third Party:

Pintuck & Purl uses third party companies to collect data and process that data:

WordPress: when you comment on blog posts or use the form to get in touch with Pintuck & Purl (view WordPress Privacy Policy)

Braintree: when you make a purchase and pay via credit card Pintuck & Purl via Braintree (not through PayPal), your data is getting processed through Braintree. (view Braintree Privacy Policy)

PayPal: When you make a purchase and pay Pintuck & Purl via PayPal, your data is getting processed through PayPal. (view PayPal Privacy Policy)

Shipstation: when you make a purchase, your data is be processed by ShipStation to help ship our packages. (view Shipstation Privacy Policy)

MailChimp: when you subscribe to the newsletter of Pintuck & Purl, your data is getting processed through MailChimp. (view Mailchimp Privacy Policy)

Google Analytics: when you visit the website or any social media of Pintuck & Purl, your data is getting processed through Google Analytics to make your visit to the website and social media go smoothly and user friendly. (view Google Analytics Privacy Policy)

To the knowledge of Pintuck & Purl, the third parties mentioned above are GDPR compliant. To read their company policies we recommend visiting their websites.


Our Privacy Policy may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page.


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