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We’re Moving!

Well, my friends, the day has come that I have feared. We’ve grown out of our space. This is not a horrible problem to have, honestly. It means that we, as a business and a community, are growing. It’s something to celebrate! How will we celebrate that? We will move into a larger space at the end of January. In New England. ::bangs head on table::

We do have to leave our lovely space here on Lincoln Street, as much as it pains me. I know those of you in our quaint little town of Exeter will no longer be within walking distance (myself included!), but let me tell you all the amazing things that we will get! We will move to the cute town of North Hampton, NH, just 12 minutes away from where we are right now. We will be on busy Route One on the way to the beaches with lots of parking. We will also be gaining almost double the space! What does that mean? You know exactly what that means. MORE EVERYTHING! We will be able to keep expanding and growing into our new home and that means more yarn, more fabric, and more machines. The classroom will be bigger, so more classes!! There is chatter about a long arm—but let’s not get crazy with rumors!

The space is…a bit rough right now.

She needs a lot of our creative love. She will get new floors, new paint, and some general crafty sprucing up. We want to make this space as fun and welcoming as we strive to be as a business. Some things will look familiar (if you are part of our Lincoln Street Crew), but we also have some shiny new things up our sleeve. I am in the process of creating a fun window display (wait, did I tell you we will have DISPLAY WINDOWS?!?!? We will. Expect awesome things!) that will tell the neighbors that we are coming.

Speaking of our new neighbors, those are good too! Yes, I know, we will miss Lexi’s, makers of the most amazing burgers and milkshakes. And fries. But we will be next to Philbricks, which is an awesome independent grocery store with delicious food! On the other side, we have one of our famous NH State Liquor stores. I tell you, Sip & Stitch is going to be WAY easier to prep for. We also have a local bookstore, an Italian restaurant that has been there since I was younger, and a JuJitsu studio. Kind of a random mash-up, but it looks like we might have something for everyone. We are down the street from a few beer places (two brewery/restaurants and a great beer retail shop) and an LL Bean outlet store!

When will this all take place? We are planning the big move at the end of January, as I mentioned. If all goes according to plan, then we will be open in the new space on February 1st or 2nd. We are planning to have a fun re-opening party in the first few weeks of February. This will also mean that we will be having some bigger holiday and new year sales to bring down the amount of product we have to move. So, stay tuned for that!

This is all very exciting and very scary. It is a happy and sad time for me. I remember walking into this drafty old barn and thinking, “This is HUGE! How will I ever fill it?!?!” And then, it seemed with just a blink of an eye, it was full. Very full. Full of product, full of customers that are now friends and family, full of support and encouragement, full of creative ideas and inspiration. All these things we will take with us. We will take it and welcome a whole new group of products, ideas, inspiration, and customers that will become friends and family. Am I bit emotional? Yes. I have no doubt that I will shed a few tears at the end, but I think this will be good for all of us. We will take this opportunity and tackle it head on. Let’s do this!


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