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Row by Row with Salty Oat

It’s that time of year again! Row by Row begins next week on June 21st, and we are ready! If you aren’t familiar with Row by Row, here is the scoop: participating quilt shops around the US (and some countries around the world) offer a quilt row pattern for free that they have created for every person that comes through the door. Each pattern is created by the shops, so that no two should be alike. If you have a competitive nature, you can put together eight different rows, and if you are the first one to bring in a finished quilt (pieced, quilted, bound and labeled) you have the chance to win a prize of 25 fat quarters! Such fun!

We have teamed up again with Caitlin from Salty Oat, who has designed our row this year, and we are so excited! We thought we would take this opportunity to get to know a little bit more about Caitlin and her design process and have her tell us all about the row this year!

Can you tell us a bit about Salty Oat?
Salty Oat is a one-woman quilt business, which I run from my home studio in Framingham, MA. I sell both readymade and custom patchwork quilts, pillows, and a small line of hand embroidery patterns. I also teach both sewing and embroidery classes in the area.

How long have you been quilting?
I’ve sewn since childhood, but I began quilting in 2009. One of my first quilts was made from the fabric bunting we used as a decoration at our wedding.

What was your inspiration for this year’s row by row design?
When I was brainstorming ideas for the row based on the theme of “On the Go,” I kept coming back to the idea of tires and the infinite number of rim designs I see every time I’m driving on the highway. I thought it would be fun to create a somewhat abstract design based on tires by creating circles within circles, each of which is unique. I opted to use an improvisational framework for the construction of the blocks–each circle is cut by hand, hand-sewn, and placed at random in each block–so no two blocks are the same and no two rows will be the same. I also love how the random placement of the tires suggests movement across the row–perfect for this theme!

What drove your fabric choice?
Maggie has such a gorgeous selection of Liberty of London Tana Lawns in the shop, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate such special prints into the row. I love mixing different substrates into my work, and lawn is also a great fabric for hand sewing.

You chose hand appliqué for this year’s block, why?
Since this year’s theme is “On the Go,” I loved the idea of creating a row that you could sew while you’re actually on the go. Hand appliqué is super portable, and I love the idea of people working on this row throughout the summer, taking blocks with them to the beach or the pool, or while traveling in cars or planes.

Do you have any tips or advice for putting together this block?
Enjoy it and take your time! The construction of this block will require you to slow down a bit, as is the nature of hand sewing. Also, embrace the imperfections of hand sewing and be patient with yourself. I guarantee you’ll see your skills improve as you work your way down the row!

Thanks, Caitlin! We are super excited about this year’s row and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Photo of Caitlin by Linsey Hite

New Block of the Month Club!

We love creating new things for our customers! We had the Mystery Yarn Tour Club last year for the knitters (we will do it again this fall if you didn’t get on board last year!), so we thought it was time to create something for you quilters out there.  We have bounced around the idea of doing a Block of the Month Club for awhile. I tried looking at ones that other shops used, and there are *a lot* out there. None of the ones that I saw had the right feel for our shop, however. I reached out to the extremeley talented Caitlin, of Salty Oat, who had created our Row by Row last year. We talked and she created something for the shop that we are both really excited about! It is modern, clean and fresh. We hope you will love it too!

Here’s the skinny: next week we will open up the registration for our new Block of the Month Club. Club registration is $75 for six months. Starting on the 1st of April and after that on the first of every month you will pick up your monthly block kit which includes instructions and the fabric for that month’s block (we can also ship!). Each month’s block will be constructed with different techniques, so there will be a lot to learn. This is a six month club, so when you are done you will have six blocks completed (15″ finished) and the instructions for placing them in a beautiful quilt which you will now have the complete pattern for. What if you decide you don’t want to join for all six months? You can purchase each month’s kit individually for $15. Here’s the catch with the individual kits: you can only buy that current month’s kit. If you miss a month you will have to wait until ALL the blocks have been released to catch up.

To make things even more exciting, we decided to create three colorway kits for you. All the quilts will be a contemporary grey and white with one contrasting color. Your options for contrasting colors are the following, all coming from the amazing Cloud9 Cirrus Solids Collection: Fuchsia, Grass and Amazon.

Here is a peak at what the blocks will look like, but for the full reveal, you should sign up and join us on Sunday, April 2nd, when Caitlin will be here! We will have the quilt here for you to see in person and Caitlin will hold a demonstration on the techniques used in the blocks. After that we will have the official kick-off party with tea and cake, and (of course!) prizes to win!

Since we like to keep things a surprise, I only have a digital mock up for you so you can get an idea of what is in store. I have chosen to show only the fuchsia option in the mock up. And remember, some monitors are not completely accurate with rendering colors, but with the names of the colors, you be pretty sure it is hot pink, a turquoise and that nice, current green-yellow.


If you have any questions at all, leave a comment, ask us on Instagram (where we will post this as well) or shoot us an email. Who is ready for this club to start?!?!

Fernweh Quilt by Domestic Strata

Fernweh Quilt - Pintuck & Purl

The Fernweh Quilt by Domestic Strata is one of those patterns that checks off everything on my imaginary priority list for a quilt pattern (or any pattern for that matter). Great design: check. Clean lines: check. Easy-to-follow instructions: check. An amazing finished product at the end: double check!

The pattern is well written, and for those who have completed at least one quilt before, this shouldn’t be too daunting. If you had the energy (and food, water, or wine!) you might well be able to piece the whole top in a day. It would be a long one, but it would be worth it if you needed a baby gift quickly.  If a lone quilting marathon doesn’t strike your fancy, we have a class for this quilt, and the top is pieced in two sessions that each last about 3 hours.

Fernweh Quilt - PIntuck & Purl

Our shop sample, pictured here, was made by our amazing quilting instructor, Caitlin Topham from Salty Oat.  For the shop sample, Caitlin chose a Cloud9 Cirrus Solid in Coral and an RJR Supreme Solid in Linen White for the front with a Riley Blake Floral for the back. The binding (perhaps my favorite part) is a Cotton + Steel Sprinkle in Black Cat from their Basics line. It was quilting per the instructions, but the options for quilting are just as endless as the potential fabric combinations.

Fernweh Quilt - Pintuck & Purl

Caitlin is the one who will hold your hand and help you create the perfect blocks (or rescue your not-so-perfect blocks!), if doing it on your own is just a little too scary. Or take the class just to be in her creative presence and soak up all the small tidbits of knowledge she casually lets fall. I tell you, it is a great class for everyone.

Fernweh Quilt - Pintuck & Purl

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

Check out the pattern for some satisfying sewing, and/or check our schedule for the next available class. For those who are interested, we have one coming up on July 23rd & July 30th!

Row By Row 2016!

The first week of Row by Row is already gone! If you haven’t stopped in the shop and checked out our row, here is a shot of our fabulous row, created for us by Caitlin Topham of Salty Oat. The theme this year is Home Sweet Home:

Row by Row Block

Not familiar with the Row by Row Experience? Basically, it is a nation-wide (actually, continent-wide; cheers to our northern neighbors!) shop hop where you get one free pattern when you visit a shop. Plus, each shop has a prize for the first fully complete quilt (quilted, bound and labeled) brought to the store—plus a little bonus if you include the store’s row in the quilt. What could be better for summertime fun!?!?

We have kits ready and available as well as a limited number of license plates. So if you are stopping by and want one of our “Gather + Stitch” plates, don’t hesitate!

Want to read about the process on how our row was created? Check out Caitlin’s post here on her blog!