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Magical Mystery Yarn Tour 2017!

We are SUPER excited to announce another round of our mystery yarn club at Pintuck & Purl! It went so well the first time around, and we are hoping that this year will be even bigger and better! The idea behind this club is to give you a chance to knit from six luxury skeins of yarn by way of five gorgeous hand-selected patterns, all knit from September to April (we’ve given you December completely off, because we know that month gets busy!) and all at a huge discount! Along the way there will be gifts and prizes, plus monthly knit nights specifically for club members so we can share our thoughts and tips on the projects we’re all knitting together.

Here’s how it works:

  • We suspect everyone needs a little mystery and intrigue in their lives (and who doesn’t love presents?) so every month starting on September 1st, club members will come to the shop to find a wrapped gift waiting for them. Contained within will be a gorgeous skein of yarn (you can always exchange for a different color within the same line!), a printed pattern, and maybe a little treat just ’cause we love you so much. 🙂
  • We’ve worked hard to find patterns that are both beautiful and will work well with the chosen yarn. We also chose patterns that looked fun to knit, were diverse, and could make a great gift on the off chance that they aren’t to your particular taste. We love them, and we think you will too.
  • We will host a special Friday Knit Night or a Sunday Knit Brunch at (or near) the beginning of each month in the spirit of support and community. 🙂
  • When you come in on the 1st of the next month for your next present, bring your most recent project. Everyone who has completed their project from the previous month will receive a prize!
  • At the end of the 7 month subscription (on or around April 1st), all club members will be entered into a raffle to win a larger prize. There will also be a second raffle for club members who complete all 5 projects by the end of the subscription time frame (if it took you longer than a month for some of them, that’s ok–as long as they are completed by the end of the club, you can be entered into the 2nd raffle).
  • Don’t live close? That’s okay! We can ship your monthly present to you. Just tag us on social media or email us a picture of you with your finished project on or before the day of the next shipment to receive the monthly prize. (Shipping is not included in the club fee.)
  • These projects were chosen to be fun knits for intermediate/advanced knitters and great introductions to different, commonly used skills for advanced beginners–plus there will be lots of support available! If you fall into the advanced beginner category, you will come away from this experience with lots more confidence and greater skill! We will always be here and eager to help if you need anything. The patterns include several different techniques, and will be great to stretch your skills if you’re encountering something for the first time. You can do it!
  • Needles sizes you’ll need: (US) 1, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 10 1/2

We are also offering an exclusive discount to members on needles and supplies needed for each project. Come join the fun!

For those who are returning from last year, look for your special treat on the first pick-up date!

Sign up at the shop today! Online sign-ups are here!

Acadia Easy Folded Poncho

Have you ever felt The Fibre Co.’s Acadia yarn? It is a luscious mix of merino, baby alpaca, and silk, and it is heavenly. I do feel like I say that about all of our yarns, but I guess I wouldn’t stock them if I couldn’t be obsessed with them. Right? If I am just meh about a yarn, it usually doesn’t make the cut to be in the shop. If you have been in the shop, you know we don’t have a huge space so we need to be VERY picky about what we bring in.

We brought in this yarn a little less than a year ago (March was when it arrived) and we didn’t knit up any shop samples until after we got back from the TNNA (June!). We had sold a few skeins, but we knew that once people saw it knitted up they would fall head over heels in love with it like we did. Then came the herculean task of finding a pattern. Someone suggested the Easy Folded Poncho pattern from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas and it was like a match made in heaven.

I convinced Jenny, our sample knitter (not yet full employee at the time!), to put down her own projects and whip this up before fall. And whip it up she did! We chose the Driftwood color, since my secret plan was for this to eventually end up in my closet and that is the color I wanted! Ha! Jenny knitted the cowl version, which required about seven skeins. If you wanted to do this without the cowl, you probably only need six skeins. If you are thinking of knitting the poncho sans-cowl, I just want to tell you that the cowl is my favorite part.  It is warm and soft against the neck and I think it makes the poncho look a little more finished. If you don’t take my advice, however, I have no doubt your poncho will still be just as lovely.

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography

The best part about knitting this pattern in this yarn is that the drape of the yarn is amazing. The pattern comes in one size and everyone who has tried on the shop sample (all shapes and sizes) has looked amazing in it.  This yarn is magical, I tell you. The finished poncho is light yet warm enough for spring and fall or even those chilly nights in the summer. If you layered up underneath (remember we are in snowy,cold NH), I don’t see why you couldn’t wear this all year long.

The pattern is pretty easy to knit. It is all stockinette, so it’s perfect for watching a movie and keeping your hands busy, and construction isn’t difficult either. The downside of this pattern is that it is a very long pattern. If you are a true beginner I would be mindful of not burning yourself out on such an endeavor, unless you realize what you are getting into and take your time. The money and time will be worth it when it is done, but just be aware and maybe don’t make this your first or second project. 😉

Have you knit with Acadia before? Are you as obsessed as we are? Or are you one of the knitters of the nearly 3,000 finished versions of this pattern? If so, tell us!

Sydänmaa Mittens in Swans Island All American

Pintuck & Purl's Sydanmaa Mittens In Swans Island Yarn

Time to break out the mittens! I’m not sure if your outside temperature numbers are dropping, but here in New Hampshire, it is C.O.L.D. What is the only silver lining that I find this time of year, since I don’t ski, snowboard, snowshoe or any other snow-or-winter-related activity? Knit and wear mittens! Actually, I didn’t knit these; the fabulous Jenny, from our staff, knitted up these lovelies. I am wearing and will continue to wear them. Obviously when they are not on the shelf as a sample in the shop. Mostly.

Swans Island All American Wool Sydanmaa Mittens

These are the Sydänmaa Mittens by Hanna Leväniemi, which is a free pattern on Ravelry. Yes, you read that right. FREE pattern on Ravelry. If you have been searching for an interesting, not-too-crazy cabled mitten with fun construction, then these mittens are for you.

Swans Island All American Wool Sydanmaa Mittens

If you are looking for yarn for said mittens, then you need to take a look at Swans Island All American Collection Worsted. The yarn is a combination of 75% Rambouillet and 25% Alpaca. Both of these are sourced right here in the good ol’ USA. Yep, this yarn is 100% American Made. It is spun in a New England mill and then brought to the Swans Island Company dye house in Maine and lovingly infused with color. The colorway we chose here is called Atlantic, and it is perfect. There are just enough green tones to conjure up images of my beloved local beaches.

This rustic, yet still sophisticated yarn often gets overlooked in the shop as it doesn’t have bright colors or crazy packaging. It is one of those unassuming yarns that once you start to work with it, you wonder why you have’t knit with it before. And then you want to knit all things in it. The stitch definition is amazing and it is surprisingly light for all its rustic beauty. It is perfect for a pattern like this, really showing off those cable stitches.

Sydanmaa Mittens in Swans Island All American Wool

All Photos by Ashley Shea Photography 

Now, the scratch factor. I think this may be a personal decision, but once this yarn was blocked I thought it softened up beautifully. I don’t find  the yarn scratchy and would wear it happily next to my skin. I know there are others that would disagree, so I think mittens are the perfect starter project for this yarn. If you can wear the mittens, then you are ready for a full sweater’s worth of this yarn. And trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

You can find a nice selection of the Swans Island Company’s trademark  subtle colors of the All American Worsted in the shop here (and soon online!) and then make your own pair. The mittens as shown were knitted up with one skein, with some left over. So, come on, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

Swans Island All American Yarn